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Why A Land Trust?

Do you want to protect your lifestyle, assets, identity, your future and family? Using a Land Trust to hold title to your real property can help you do just that! 

Protect Your Assets with a Land Trust

A Land Trust offers you, as an owner of property, a unique package of benefits that lets you enjoy all the advantages of ownership without some of the complexities. 

A Land Trust at SC Land Trust makes real estate ownership simple. Here's how:

  • Makes ownership a private matter
  • With a land trust, if you want to transfer your rights to the property
    to another person, you simply assign them as beneficiary 
  • A land trust is simple; instead of a will, the owner can simply name a new
    beneficiary to the trust, and bypass the probate process
  • Allows you to use your signature alone for property documents, eliminating the need to have other joint owners sign on deeds, mortgages, leases, and other required documents
  • Allows you to take tax deductions as a beneficiary. If you are a beneficiary of a Land Trust, you may receive a prorated portion of any allowed depreciation

We work with our clients to understand their needs, so we can provide the right structure for their trust as well as beneficiary relationships.

Additionally, leases, sales contracts, other contracts referencing your real property will be in the Land Trust name without reference to you or your company. 


Using a Corporate Trustee, rather than a family member or friend, adds another layer of protection, privacy and confidentiality. Through the documents that set up your trust, you remain in complete control as the beneficial owner and the property will be managed by you or by your agent.

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We work with our clients to understand their needs so we can provide the right structure for their trust as well as beneficiary relationships.


As corporate Trustee, our name and address will appear on all public records providing our clients privacy and anonymity.


Whether you own an existing property to be placed in trust or purchasing a property through a trust we will ensure that the warranty deed to trustee is properly recorded. Additionally, when necessary, we will record other state required documents.


For each Land Trust created we will prepare your Land Trust Agreement and Warranty Deed to Trustee. There are many other unrecorded documents that can be required depending on the structure of your trust and the financing that you may be utilizing for your real estate.  We provide the preparation for most of these necessary documents. As required we will also provide tax reporting forms to accompany documentary stamps on unrecorded transfers within your trust.  


We work with the title companies, attorneys, and escrow companies, preparing your closing documents to ensure that transactions are completed smoothly and accurately. In some cases the trust will be the buyer of the property and we will sign all closing documents. Upon a transfer of the property, whether to another beneficiary or out of the trust, we will sign all documents upon your review and approval. 


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